Loadweigh are the exclusive dealer and distributor for Compuload on board loader scales, COBO OCEANIA excavator scales and CAS portable axle scales.

Covering Queensland and the Northern Territory, Brisbane based Loadweigh supply, install, maintain and service all forms of Forklift and Excavator scales and systems, including Trade Approved Loader Systems and portable static axle pads.

We have dealers across Australia who can look at your individual reqirements, just give us a ring for complete satisfaction.

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COBO OCEANIA Excavator Systems

Suitable for virtually all excavators, COBO Wireless Depth and Grade Control Control systems are a necessary addition in the ongoing battle to save money.

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COMPULOAD Load Weighing Systems

We carry the complete range of Compuload scales and accessories like the 4060 printer and USB downloader. Compuload weighing systems are suitable for forklifts, loaders, electric pallet trucks, tele-handlers and container lifters.

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CAS Wheel & Axle Weighing Pads

We provide reliable and robust options for vehicle weighing applications. Our CAS Weigh-Pads are designed for Multiple Axle Weighing and are highly flexible with various arrangements achieved by inserting dummy plates.

Excavator Scales

Excavator Scales

Loadweigh understand that today the key words in the mobile machinery market are "FLEXIBILITY and MODULARITY".

Forklift Scales

Forklift Scales

We offer a full range of Forklift Scales, from the inexpensive tried and tested analog dial scale, to a digital syste...

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