CL500 low cost splash proof digital forklift scale

CL500 low cost splash proof digital forklift scale

CL500 low cost splash proof digital forklift scale
  •  Low cost digital scale
  •  Easy to read
  •  Stainless Steel housing
  •  6 digit x 19mm LCD backlit display
  •  Avoid overloading trucks etc
  •  Check weighing of goods
  •  Accuracy  ± 1-2% of FS
  •  0°C - 40°C Operating temperature
  •  RS232 Com's port available for printer
  •  Zero & Tare function
  •  Weighs in Kg & Lb
  •  12 VDC power supply (Options for 24/48v and Electric Forklifts)
  •  IP64 Rated
  •  12 month limited warranty


Cost Effective Technology

The Compuload CL500 digital fork lift scale is a cost effective low cost means of weighing goods on your forklift when you only require a weight reading only.    Constructed in a sturdy stainless steel housing, rated to IP64, which ensures protection against water splashing against the enclosure from any direction, to ensure long life.  The Compuload CL500 scale system uses a Compuload 5000psi stainless steel IP67 rated pressure transducer connected to the hydraulic lines required to raise the load which measures the pressure and converts this into a Kg or Lb weight reading.   This will ensure your goods will not over load the truck / trailer capacity so you conform to the chain of responsibility requirement limits and so.  

Safety Solution

With an increasing awareness in OH&S and chain of responsibility requirements in the work place, it has never been more important to have a method of continuously checking loads of your materials on Forklifts / Material handling equipment.  The Compuload 500 onboard weighing system will improve safety such as stopping machinery and racking being overload, eliminate overloading fines on trucks etc, reduce trips to the weighbridges, improve efficiency by reducing the under loading of trucks and checking consignment weights for incoming and outgoing goods and checking the weights to prevent overloading your Forklift truck.


Optional Accessories

An optional Compuload 4070 printer can be used if required via the Compuload 500 RS232 coms port.  

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