Compuload Loader scales

Compuload Loader scales

Compuload Loader scales

Compuload On Board Load Weighing Systems are fitted to front end loaders, forklifts, trucks, electric pallet trucks, tele-handlers, container lifters, and many more similar applications.

Compuload Load Weighing Systems are proudly made in Australia under ISO 9001

The products have been manufactured by Compuload On Board Load Weighing Systems in Sydney, NSW, since 1988 - there are now almost 10,000 units sold worldwide. The philosophy behind the successful design of the Compuload Load Weighing Systems has been to keep it simple. Regular upgrades to the software and components ensure that the range of Compuload Load Weighing Systems have kept pace with today's technology, yet maintain their easy to use features required by both operators and management.

Clients range from small landscape yards to large quarry and mining operations. These clients include many major suppliers within Australia, including local, state and federal government departments.

Trade Approved versions of the Compuload 3000 and Compuload 4000 On Board Load Weighing Systems are also available. Trade Approval is required, by law, when a monetary transaction is based upon the weighing system information. This could include royalties, freight charges, as well as product sales.

Comments given by Compuload users regularly include, "Why didn't I do this earlier", "It has paid for itself already", " I wish I did this before the last overloading fine". When you make the choice to go with Compuload, you will find yourself making these same comments. Many companies make the change, including some of the biggest names in industry, and find that the range of Compuload On Board Load Weighing Systems are far more practical and easier to use than competition products manufactured overseas.

Compuload 4000 installation on a Hyundai 770-9 wheel loader

Included is the Compuload 4060 Printer and USB Downloader. Shows correct alignment of the Lift Speed Compensation switch and magnet.


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