LCFS Trade Approved Forklift Scale

LCFS Trade Approved Forklift Scale

LCFS Trade Approved Forklift Scale

The Compuload LCFS (load cell forklift system) is a remarkably durable and rugged load cell based forklift weighing system.

It is incredibly accurate. Accuracy of 0.10% is easily achieved. The LCFS can fit any brand of forklift with a standard Class II, III, or IV carriage. When fitted with the Class II carriage the LCFS will weigh in kg increments up to 2500 kg.

The Compuload LCFS can be used in conjunction with the Compuload 1000, Compuload 3000, or Compuload 4000 Load Weighing System indicators, depending on the requirements and information needed.

The Compuload 4060 Printer and Compuload USB Down loader can also be used with the LCFS system.

The Compuload LCFS is suitable for decanting from one container to another , which is not possible with most hydraulic weighing systems.

The Compuload LCFS has undergone extensive testing for shock and impact durability (in accordance with ASTM D642) at an internationally recognized testing facility. Tests have shown that the LCFS weighing modules can withstand a head on impact of more than 10 times maximum weighing capacity.


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